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2 Rivers Auctions

Item Description
1.Bobcat 1080B skid steer, very large and in charge! Runs, with a jumpstart, and drives, hydraulics all seem to work nice and smooth. We used it to set up auction but did not put it to hard work. Comes with 97" bucket attachment. Universal quick attach. See video of it running.
2.Ford L9000 straight truck with Lemco 700 loader. Comes with homemade pup trailer. Has 3406B cat engine. Last used in 2017. Northland tractor rebilt it--see paperwork. See videos-2-one of truck engine running and one of the Lemco loader working. Not sure if video shows downriggers also work.
3.Homemade log splitter. Has 16HP Briggs and Stratton Vanguard motor and a hydraulic log lift. Appears pretty beefy. See video of it running.
4.Conveyor was used for logs. Approx 25' long. The sides appear to be galvanized with steel legs.
5.Set of metal tracks believed to be for Cat 1080B. Really big.
6.Blades from small dozer or similar. The longer of the 2 is 8'5" long and about 22" high Ormco brand. The shorter of the 2 is 6'5" long and approx 28" high with curved face.
7.1997 Chevrolet 1500, 65 diesel, 4 wheel drive. Was told ran when parked in 2017--although we could not get it to start. 255K miles.
8.Very large plow, about 11' long, has universal quick attach, power angle. Approx 40" high.
9."Jenkins" 84" quick attach bucket with grapple and side kits. Very nice condition.
10.2005 "Fontaine" 48 x 102 combo aluminum/steel flatbed with sliding winches and aluminum crossmembers and decking, last used over the road june 2019, VIN: 13N14830961532848. Has title.
11.1998 "Transcraft" 48 x 102 combo aluminum/steel flatbed trailer, aluminum crossmembers and decking, last used spring 2019, has some rust..see pics.., DOT'd thru Nov 2019. VIN: 1TTF48207W2001481. Has title.
12.1982 "Ford 9000" semi tractor--ONLY--no trailer--8V71 Detroit Diesel engine, 13 speed tranny, locking differentials, 367,565 miles, set up for flow boy, owner drove it to lot, VIN: 1FDYU90TXCVA42121. Has title.
13.1971 "TTTI" step deck trailer with power ramps--trailer only, no contents--electric/hydraulic motor, 8' top deck, 22' main deck, 4' beaver tail, 8' ramps, 96" wide, VIN" A791, hasn't been used in a few years. Has title.
14.2002 GMC 2500 HD, 4 wheel drive, extended cab, 6 liter engine with 211,651 miles, and 6' box--little rusty. Comes with 7 1/2' "Blizzard" snow plow, power angle, and "Salt Dogg by Buyers" spreader. Owner stated does have a broken transmission housing and runs but leaks hydraulic fluid. Plow and spreader all work. VIN: 1GTHK29U62E305118. Has title.
15.2007 Ford F350 XL Super Duty, 4 door crew cab, 2 wheel drive, automatic, 6 liter engine with 258,125 miles. Has 9' flat bed with aluminum tool boxes and fuel tank. Owner drove it to lot, starts right up. Owner has had for 5 years and has not had any problems. VIN: 1FDWW36P77EB21017. Has title.
16."Crafco" crack filler machine, has Honda GX630 motor-that fired right up-and electric start. Works the company just bought a new one.
17.Tar Kettle
18.1993 "Felling" 16' trailer, the bed is 12'6" long, 71" wide between fenders, tandem axel with ramps. VIN: 1F9FS1124P1072112--trailer ONLY no contents. Has title.
19.1996 Ford Super Duty with 460 engine, automatic, 63,083 miles, Built in Kohler generator, owner stated generator runs but would not throttle up, has dry/fresh air pumper unit, used up until 2 weeks ago. VIN: 1FDLF47G8TEB51998. Has title.
20."Lorain" truck crane. VERY, VERY big. Comes with extra crane extensions, hasn't been run in about 8 years. This item is off site--there is NO help there to help get it started, to move, or to load--please come prepared!! May need a saw as small trees have grown up around it. Sold with bill of sale.
21.Scrap metal: angle, I beam channel, truck door, drip edge, expanded metal, misc.
22.Scrap metal: angle, flat, misc.
23.Plate steel, expanded metal, misc.
24.Stands, 5 misc cylinders.
25.Tonka dump truck.
26."Case" dozer #1550. Made by Ertl.
27.Tonka front end loader.
28.Tonka grader.
29.Tonka dump truck.
30.Contents of shelf: Misc window screens, yard dice, tarps, bearings, misc.
31.Contents of shelf: nuts, bolts, air cylinder, hind joints, misc.
32.This shelf: sled, road hazard triangles, small tires, large neat umbrella.
33.Shelf of lighting fixtures and a pintle hitch.
34.Shelf of lighting fixtures and box of misc hardware.
35.Shelf of lighting and black and decker skill saw.
36.Large hydraulic cylinder.
37.Large pile of misc hydraulic hoses.
38.Scrap metal.
39.Contents of shelf brackets: drip edge, angle iron, fence post, channel, misc.
40.Tire dolly: "Walker Industrial Equipment Co." Model #WD-20.
41.Pile of misc hydraulic hoses.
42.Contents of left side of shelving top to bottom: sq. tubing, retractable work light, welding leads, obstruction wrench set, car trunk emergency kit, large bolts, potting soil, misc.
43.Contents of shelving right side top to bottom: air brake conditioner, igloo cooler, chain binders, ratchet straps, mini shopvac, misc automotive, hydraulic levers, semi side mirror, misc.
44.Pile of misc copper wires.
45.3 storage barrels: 1 plastic and 2 cardboard--empty.
46.Large leaf spring about 51" to center of mounting holes.
47.Hi lift jack.
48.4 mud flaps and kneeling pad.
49.Barrel cart.
50.Bucket of unknown oil with barrel pump.
51.Wheeled dolly.
52.Stand fan: 3 speeds, tested works.
53.Torpedo heater "All-Pro" 150,000 BTU Serial #5990.
54.3 jack stands.
55.Aluminum "Simplex" track jack A17.
56.Aluminum track jack "Simplex" A17.
57.2 jack stands.
58.Bucket with chains and chain binders.
59.A1022 "Simplex" track jack, aluminum.
60.Wall shelf with contents: nuts, bolts, work light, misc,
61.Nut and bolt bins with contents, fittings, and misc.
62.Lot of chairs: 5 metal folding, lawn chair and chaise, vintage metal lawn chair and others.
63.Contents of left side of shelving top to bottom: 2 coolers, floor sweeping compound, misc lights , tools, and parts.
64.Contents of center set of shelving top to bottom: ratchet straps, hydraulic and transmission oil buckets, cooler of sand blasting compound, acetone, and misc whatnots.
65.Contents of right side of shelving top to bottom: AW100 hydraulic fluid about 1/2 full, 2 gas cans, misc shop sprays, parts for 3 chainsaws, husquvarna, stihl, and craftsman.
66.Parts washer and oil drip pan.
67.Chainsaw parts hanging: chains and bars.
68.Welding leads.
69.Contents of shelf: 7 gas cans, 5 funnels, misc oils and greases.
70.Left side of shelf top to bottom: vari-flare kit, misc hardware, hose clamps, rubber boots, towel rolls, misc.
71.Contents of shelf: gloves, hose clamps, misc what nots.
72.Metal nut and bolt bins and shelf contents: drawers are full of various sizes nuts, bolts, washers, clamps, etc.
73.Metal nut and bolt bins with full drawers and shelf contents: misc fittings, zip ties, assorted hardware.
74.Very large "Hubbell" light.
75."Budgit" chain hoist, Model 115843-12, 1,000lb, 1/2HP, 110-220.
76."Keller" Kpro multifunction aluminum ladder.
77."Troy bilt" TB20CS gas weed wacker with book.
78."Stihl" FS56RC gas weed wacker with book and blade and string.
79."Cub Cadet" LTX1045 riding lawn mower. 20HP Kohler engine and 46" deck.
80.6' fiberglass "Keller" step ladder.
81.Barrel of Rotella 1540 2/3 full with barrel pump.
82."Packer-60" plastic truck tool box made by Delta.
83.Pile of misc air hoses.
84.Set of metal car ramps.
85.Custom made, high performance, grease pump with 5 gallon pail, has adjustable ride height and fast green paint!!
86."Allied" portable work light.
87."Mack" truck seat.
88."Mercury" super silent 6 boat motor with a "Mercury" gas tank and a "Scott-Atwater" stowaway gas tank.
89.Box of PVC pipe, rags, and misc.
90.Socket adapter set of 4 "Cornwell" and "SK".
91.Semi mirrors.
92.3/4 socket set: "SK", "Snap on", "Proto" and others.
93."Michelob Light" eagle tapper handle and "Miller High Life" clock.
94.Planter box with misc hose, nails, and vintage oil can spouts, etc.
95.Believed to be "Caterpillar" oil pan with no visible cracks or damage.
96.3/4 socket set with misc adapters and tool box, "Snap on", "SK", and other brands.
97.Tool box of misc: pipe cutter, black pipe, and misc.
98.Bag of "Ryobi" cordless tools--6 pieces plus
99.Mirrors with brackets.
100."Niagara" drill bits
101."Kennedy" tool box of misc belt repair tools.
102."Silver Beauty" vintage 12 volt battery charger. Missing hardware. Kinda cute for colors and graphics.
103.Large side mirrors and brackets.
104.Box of misc what might be Ford wiring.
105.Misc water hoses.
106.Misc extension cord set and a work light.
107."John Deere" cordless grease gun with case and 14 volt charger.
108."Jeepers Creepers" automotive creeper.
109.Metal rolling cart with fan.
110.Misc extension cords and a work light.
111."Ironton"2 pack mini led work lights 15 watt.
112.Torch set: torch, gauges, and hose.
113.Bucket of chains.
114.Bucket of chains.
115.Bucket of chains.
116.Port a power in case and floor jack.
117."Alemite" cordless grease gun with case and charger.
118."Berger" transit set: stick, tripod, and transit in case.
119.Bucket of misc lights.
120.Air hose and reel--appears new
121."Craftsman" transit no stand.
122.2 bottle jacks a "Big Red" 4 ton and a possible "Winner" series 2 ton label is hard to read.
123.2 bottle jacks no labels.
124.Box of misc lights and a car phone charger.
125."Moose" sideview UTV mirrors new in the box.
126.Barrel pump and "Speed Blast" sand blaster head and grease gun.
127.Misc hammers and ice scraper.
128.Box of misc auto sprays--brake cleaner, penetrating spray, etc. 14 cans.
129.Mirrors and brackets, misc.
130.Box of assorted size zip ties.
131.Big drill in wooden box. "VanDorn", 110 volt, cap 1/2, type DA-1, 4.5 amps, serial no. 86872.
132.Box of gauges
133."Weller" soldering gun 100/140 watts, model 8200pk and 3/8 socket set: blackhawk, Snap on, SK and others.
134.Box of quality NAPA filters.
135.Box of mirrors PTO yolks and U joint
136."Rapid Reamer" kit with box, doesn't appear to be complete.
137."Power-Kraft" micrometers and pipe clamp kit 3/4 inch.
138."Husqvarna" 450 chainsaw with hard carrying case with extra bar and chains.
139.16 Assorted grinding and chop saw wheels/blades.
140.3/4 ton come along, "CM" brand, aluminum.
141."CM" brand 1 1/2 ton come along.
142.Bucket of really big quick attach hydraulic hose connectors.
143.5 gallon bucket of Mobil Delvac 15-40, appears unopened.
144.5 gallon bucket of Mobil Delvac 15-40, appears unopened.
145.5 gallon bucket of Shell Spirax 75-90, appears unopened.
146.3 super heavy duty metal sawhorses, homemade.
147.Floor jack "Autospecialities" mfg Co. 4,000 lbs. Model #7600.
148.KEW Industries sand blaster type VSB-350.
149.Hydraulic tank.
150.20lb propane tank with weed burner attachment.
151.2--20lb propane tanks with regulator.
152.4' propane tank, unsure lbs, with gauge.
153.Oxygen and acetalyne set of tanks.
154.KEW Industries 3803VA pressure washer, heated, assorted wands.
155."Ram Co" 5000 engine hoist.
156."Graco" barrel air pump.
157.wheeled dolly with cable
158.Box of misc filters and hubcaps.
159.Extension cord, 2 squares, 2 tail lights, 2 wheels, misc.
160.Box of misc bearings and seals.
161.New nut and bolt bin and wooden wheeled dolly.
162.Drill bit set.
163.1" air gun with adapter "CP" brand.
164.Box of sprays and new in package section of 55DC chain.
165.Portable "Milwaukee" band saw 120 volt serial 678g40133993 in carrying case.
166."Milwaukee" sawzall in case: orbital super sawzall, serial B36B61411254, with some blades and carrying case.
167."Pro-set" pop rivet, 2 tap and die kits blue case is 45 pieces and gray case is "Craftsman" and a cigarette lighter plug in heater and fan.
168.3 U joints and bearing lot.
169.Box of 8 1/2 c clamps: "Armstrong" 78-408 (1), 406 (4), 404 (2), and Ct Company 572 (1) and a 1/2 for straightening metal.
170.Box of 6 1/2 c clamps: "Armstrong" 78-410 (1), 408 (1), 406 (2), 404 (1), Jorgensen 706 (1), and 1/2 for straightening metal.
171.Misc electrical cords.
172.Torch/welding table--6" long, 4" wide, 2" high.
173.Rolling cart.
174.Wheel barrow with spare wheel.
175.Misc scrap metal.
176.Contents of wooden shelf, manuals, hole saws, misc.
177.Tire tool kit: bars and removal tool.
178."Associated" battery charger.
179.Exhaust clamp kit.
180.Heavy duty adjustable portable homemade light.
181.Assorted scrap metal.
182.Heavy duty rolling metal table with scrap metal.
183.Cans of taps and punches.
184.Can of misc electrical.
185.Box of assorted pliers.
186.Drill bits
187.Crate of shackels.
188.3 Assorted sledge hammers.
189.Allen wrenches and plumbing.
190.Bucket of fittings--mostly brass.
191.Rolling cart and bucket of packing bolts.
192.Flat of hammers.
193.3 buckets of scrap metal, wire, nuts and bolts, threaded rod, etc.
194.Floor jack 1.5 ton "Pittsburgh" rapid pump.
195.Torch set: tanks, wheeled cart, gauges, multiple torches.
196.Torch head and box of tips, goggles, misc.
197."Milwaukee" chop saw.
198.Box of screwdrivers and misc.
199.Wooden box with air fittings and misc.
200."Milwaukee" 1/2" electric drill.
201.Box of electrical and misc tools.
202."Milwaukee" grinder.
203.1/2" drive sockets "SK", "Snap on", and others.
204."Dewalt" chop saw.
205.Peg board hooks, many.
206.Flat of soldering items.
207.Flat of misc including hatchett, cylinder hone, etc.
208.Flat of oil filter wrenches.
209."Milwaukee" 3/8" drill.
210."Milwaukee" 1/2" electric drill.
211."Milwaukee" electric grinder.
212.Flat of: "Snap on" flex sockets and misc tools.
213.Ingersol Rand air grinder and hose clamps .
214.3/8" ratchets and misc.
215.36" aluminum pipe wrench.
216.24" and 14" aluminum pipe wrenches.
217.18" and 24" "Ridgid" steel pipe wrenches.
218.4--12" crescent wrenches all "Diamond Tool" brand.
219.Pipe cutter and 8", 14", and 18" pipe wrenches.
220.24" "Crestology" crescent wrench.
221.Flat of drill bits.
222."Rockwell" electric disc sander--does have tape on cord.
223.3/4" socket set "SK", "Snap on", and others.
224.Hydraulic fittings and gauge set.
225.4 channel locks.
226.4 Vice-grips.
227.4 Vice grips.
228.Flat of screwdrivers.
229.Vice grip and pliers flat.
230.Flat of misc snap ring pliers and screwdrivers.
231.Nut driver and screwdriver flat.
232.Flat of wrenches "Craftsman", "SK", and others.
233.Gear wrench flex head set.
234.Wrench and crescent wrench set, "Diamond Tool", "NAPA", "SK", and others
235."Fulton" punch set
236.1/2" drive impact socket set.
237.Air impacts and ratchets "Snap on", "Rodac", "IR", and "CP".
238.Flat of squares, trisquares, levels, and thread file.
239.Flat of 3/4" sockets and adapters "SK", "Sanp on", "Proto", and others.
240.1/4" drive sockets and bit kits "SK", "Grip" and others.
241.Air grinder and assorted bits "Dewalt".
242."Sunex" 1" drive impact sockets in metal box.
243.Misc air gauges and fillers.
244."Pittsburgh" alphabet stamp set.
245.6 1/2" vise "Yostvises" 865.
246.Contents of peg board: 1/2" drive sockets and ratchets "Craftsman", "Snap on", and others.
247.Flat of misc wrenches "SK", "NAPA", and others.
248.Double angle open ended wrench set 3/8 to 1 1/4.
249."Proto" socket allen wrench set
250.Box of shop sprays
251.Dremel type tool, partial socket set, and pins
252.Dies, muffler clamps, and easy outs.
253.Air grinder , blower, and misc air parts.
254.Flat of: misc gauges and cable clamps.
255.1/2" drive socket set and obstruction wrenchs "Craftsman".
256.3/8" shallow and deep socket set.
257.Wire, wire wheels, magnet, and punch.
258.Flat of files, flat and round.
259.Large wrench set in box.
260.Propane torches and tanks.
261.Flat of: shop chemical sprays and misc.
262.Set of "Crow's Foot" wrenches (13)
263.Wire brushes and welding rod holder.
264.Misc shop chemicals.
265.3/8" socket set and pipe easy outs shallow and deep "SK", "Williams", and others.
266.Clutch aligning tool, fuel bowl, misc.
267.Caterpillar oil filter (new) and battery powered led light.
268.Box of 4 1/2" grinding discs.
269.Air hammer and drill with bits "RR" and "Lincoln".
270.Flat of tape measures.
271.Bucket of misc bars, pipe clamps, antennae, crow bars, threaded rod, misc.
272.Air arc lead and ground clamp.
273.Flat of drill bits.
274.3 welding hoods--1 auto darkening w new lens "Radnor" and 2 others.
275.Box of DOT tape 1 new and 1 partially used.
276."Linde" arc welder very big, 300 amp, ac/dc, stick and tig, on a rolling cart.
277.Contents of cabinet: 1" sockets "Williams" and misc brands.
278.Air compressor "Ingersol Rand" very large, Type 30, Serial # 3T
279.Contents on wall: jumper cables, coil air hose, hydraulic fittings, light bulbs, misc.
280."Craftsman" Grinder 3/4 hp and contents of shelves: scrap metal, bolts, etc.
281.Pile of aluminum scrap.
282.Steel scrap pile.
283."Lemco" parts with hydraulic tanks.
284.Hydraulic bypass bucket.
285.Pile of scrap metal (southside of main garage)
286.Pile of wood dunnage and blocking.
287.Scrap radiator.
288.Bucket of scrap and plate metal.
289.Scrap radiator and metal plate behind it.
290.Scrap iron on north side of older garage.
291.5 tires with aluminum rims.
292.4 aluminum rims
293.Aluminum loading plank about 11' long and 2 1/2 feet wide.
294.Hub pilot float rim with broken tire.
295.5 tires 2 with aluminum rims and 1 steel rim.
296.4 aluminum storm windows.
297."Mastercraft" 5 HP high wheel lawn mower, untested.
298.2 man vintage saw blade.
299.Pallet of 8 batteries
300."Ener Pac" port a power.
301.GE main panel breaker box.
302.Pallet of tire chains.
303.Pile of approx 50' of chains.
304.Vintage chain fall 1/4 ton "Clinton and Hobbes", couple binders, and swivel hook.
305.Jumper cable and hydraulic hose.
306.West wall of old garage including stuff on floor and an old drill press. Bring buckets or boxes to load items into.
307."Derrick" hydraulic tank and heater with fan.
308.Left 1/2 of back wall of old garage: hoses and contents of shelves. Bring supplies to load and haul items.
309.Steel rack with contents--very heavy.
310.Right 1/2 of back wall of old garage: Nut and bolt bins and contents of shelves.
311.Corner scrap: 4x4 square tubing, 3406B model CAT engine core, barrel pump, misc scrap--all floor contents. Bring suppliles to haul.
312.South wall of old garage contents: lumber pile.
313.Air over grease with retratable hose reel, must remove from wall.
314.3 ton "Mack" chain fall.
315.Metal cart t's contents and scrap all the way to the corner.
316."Absolute" digimatic model CD-6"C Serial # 0032965 Mitutoyo and fine adjustment mag base te clock.
317."John Deere" #214 riding tractor has Kohler engine and comes with 47" mower deck and 37" snow blower attachment. Owner states runs and al attachments work as should.
318.26 inch "John Deere" 2 stage snow blower has 7 HP Tecumseth engine, runs.


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